5 Reasons to Use a Sports guard

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Dental Care

A mouth guard, or sports guard is a soft plastic oral device that protects your teeth, and the soft tissues in your cheeks, and even protects your jaw and tongue when you’re competing in sports. A third of mouth injuries occur during sports activities, making it very important that you consider these 5 reasons to use a sports guard while playing in your favorite sport.

Prevents 200,000 Oral Injuries a Year

The American Dental Association claim that Sports Guard Mouthpieces prevent up to 200,000 Oral injuries a year. While many programs require helmets and knee pads, or other protective gear including shoes or specialized gloves, few of them require players to use a sports guard.

Protects the Jaw

Mouth Guards often protect the jaw from hard blows. This can prevent injuries and fractures to the jaw, and in some cases can even prevent concussions and other head injuries that can occur with high contact sports.

Protecting Against Soft Tissue Injuries

A blow to the mouth can cause hard teeth and soft tissue to come together, causing injuries to the lips, cheeks, and tongue. High contact sports increase the risk of these injuries, making it a wise investment to use a sports guard in your safety while playing a sport.

Saving Dental Costs

Mouth Guards themselves cost much less than expensive dental work needed to recover from traumatic dental injuries. Chipped teeth, knocked out teeth, lip, cheek and jaw injuries are just some expenses that a well made mouth guard can prevent. The up front cost of a little preventative protection is far less than the possible results of avoiding it.

Easy Maintenance

Mouth guards are easy to clean. Thoroughly clean with toothpaste and a toothbrush after each use. Store in a hard plastic container that is well ventilated to reduce growth of bacteria and protect against structural damage. Also, do not leave the mouthguard in direct sunlight or intense heat as it can warp or damage the mouthguard reducing the level of protection it provides. It is simple and easy to use a sports guard, and good maintenance goes a long way to the best protection you can have from yours.

Wearing a sports guard can protect your mouth whether you engage in high contact sports such as football, wrestling, or boxing, or in lower contact sports like baseball or volleyball, you can still benefit from the protective qualities of a sports guard.

There are several different types of mouth guards that may fit your needs and budget, with some provide better protection than others. Call our local Pleasanton or San Antonio dental office to make an appointment to discuss what kind of sports guard is best for you and your sport.