5 Important Facts about Choosing Dental Implants

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Dental Care

Historically, dentists have treated teeth infections with root canals and then bridges. However, dental implants are popular options with dentists and can be very effective. Choosing dental implants can positively impact your oral health for years to come.

Dental Implants are metallic screws that are surgically fixed into the jawbone underneath your gums and serve as foundational support to overriding replacement teeth. Unlike the traditional options, they do not pose any threat to adjacent teeth.

In contrast to bridges, they don’t require teeth on either side to be cut down. Here are 5 insightful facts about dental implants:

Dentist’s Role Matters Big Time

Like any other profession, the quality of oral treatment significantly depends on the level of proficiency and experience of the dentist. The level of treatment won’t be the same with all dentists. Many surgeons charge extremely low prices and use poor quality surgical equipment. Keeping in mind the far-reaching impacts of oral damages on other areas of the body, make sure to see a dentist you love and trust as soon as possible. We’d be happy to help you.

There Is Little to No Pain

Prior to the surgery, an experienced surgeon will offer a wide range of anesthesia options to suit your needs. They will take you through a less complicated procedure, performing comfortable dental implantation with little to no pain.

The Implants are Almost Unnoticeable

Once you’re done with the implantation surgery, it won’t be easy to make your friends believe that you went through the surgery and replaced the teeth. The teeth appear extraordinarily natural and real and no one would actually notice them. Positioning a Zirconia cap over the implant, in particular, makes your teeth appear 99% real.

An Efficient Use of Resources

Dental Implants are an efficient use of your resources. They offer a permanent solution to your dental needs. In many cases, dental implantation can offer you lifetime solutions, whereas other options offer temporary relief and may require multiple visits and several attempts to meet treatment goals. Bridges, for instance, last for a maximum of 6-7 years. In fact, the follow-up appointments related to other treatments add up to surpass the one-time expense of choosing dental implants.

They Don’t Require Extraordinary Maintenance

After the surgery, all you need to do is take care of the replacement teeth as you do of your natural teeth. No extra efforts are associated with cleaning or maintaining your dental implants. Do Brush and floss them regularly though!

So, if you can’t wait to reclaim that beautiful smile or get back to eating the food you love, come to your local Pleasanton or San Antonio dentist to find out what options best suit your dental needs, and we can assist you in choosing dental implants, or whatever solution works best for you!