5 Common Cavity Symptoms

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Dental Health

Is your mouth trying to tell you something? Cavities may cause a variety of symptoms that demand you see a dentist. Here’s when to listen to what your mouth is saying to you, and 5 ways your cavity symptoms are giving you the heads up!

1. Bad Breath

Tooth decay can affect your breath, so if you experience unusual or persistent bad breath that is unaffected by regular dental hygiene, checking in with your dentist may help uncover what the underlying issue may be, whether it is cavity symptoms or something else.

2. Sensitivity with Certain Foods

Some teeth are naturally sensitive, but if you experience sensitivity linked to sugar, acidic foods, or that suddenly begins with no other history of sensitivity, this could be an indication of a cavity.

3. Visible Discoloration or Pitting

Some cavity symptoms can include visible pitting or discoloration. Many cavities begin as small white spots, but some can begin picking up discoloration from foods and beverages you consume.

4. General Toothache

If your teeth are causing discomfort, which can come in many forms, you should call your dentist right away. This can include sharp and sudden pain when you bite down, or dull aching pain.

5. Sensitivity to Temperature

This is one of the cavity symptoms that can happen with normal sensitivity, but if your teeth are suddenly sensitive to temperature, or if that sensitivity is confined to one tooth, speaking to a dentist about it may help determine the cause and the appropriate treatment.

Regular dental check ups are the best way to spot problems before these cavity symptoms start, but if you experience any or several of these symptoms, seeing a dentist as soon as possible is important to keep the cavity from becoming worse. Call our Pleasanton or San Antonio dental office to schedule an appointment to keep those cavities at bay!