3 Ways to Achieve a Winning Smile

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Dental Care

First impressions matter, and what has more impact on first impressions than a winning smile? Teeth whitening is one way to achieve a smile that is as bright and beautiful as you are. In this article we will discuss 3 ways that you can achieve the smile you deserve!

1. Whitening Toothpastes, Gums, and Washes

Oral Hygiene is the foundation for all self care relating to your smile. There are many options to add teeth whitening to your hygiene routine. Whitening toothpaste is a well known option readily available. Used twice a day, over time it can lighten your teeth by one shade. It is an inexpensive option that doesn’t add require a lot of effort or time. Other options such as whitening washes are said to be less effective because the amount of time in contact with the teeth is much less than toothpaste, and it takes more time to achieve a whitening effect. Whitening gums aren’t as effective in reducing stains, but can be helpful in preventing their formation.

2. At Home Whitening Kits, and Strips

At home whitening can be light on the wallet as well, and surprisingly effective. It does require investments of time and consistency to be successful, and can require anywhere from 10 minutes to hours each day to achieve a winning smile. Because at home products are less expensive, and designed to be one size fits all systems, they have a low concentration of bleaching agents, and yet can also increase teeth and gum sensitivity after the whitening process.

3. In-Office Treatments

Although this option may require more financial investment than the others, it has many benefits. In office whitening treatments have fast and effective results, lightening teeth anywhere from 3-8 shades lighter. This is because in office treatments can be customized to your needs, and use more concentrated amounts of bleaching agents. They also have additional protective measures, which means that even with higher concentrations of bleaching agents, sensitivity may be less of a bother after the whitening process. They also have the benefit of professional supervision. The dentist supervising the process may be able to help you determine based on your oral health, teeth condition, and types of stains, which whitening process is best for you, and what kind of results you may expect.

We know it is important to our patients to achieve a winning smile, but before you use any whitening methods, whether at home or in the office, it is wise to discuss your options with the Dentist. Stop by our Pleasanton or San Antonio dental office to find out what kind of whitening products best suit your needs and budget!