3 Reasons You May Need an Orthodontist

by | May 3, 2021 | Orthodontics

Many people visit the orthodontist when they are young, so braces and orthodontics almost seem like a rite of passage for many teens, but did you know that it can also be important to see an orthodontist later on? There are many reasons you may need an orthodontist as an adult. Here are 3 reasons to see an orthodontist as an adult.

Did You See an Orthodontist as a Child?

One of the reasons you may need an orthodontist may be if you need to check in on past work. If you saw an orthodontist or got braces or another orthodontic appliances as a child, it can be important to have your teeth and orthodontic appliance checked periodically to ensure that none of the work that was accomplished by orthodontic treatment is lost with time or because of a loose, damaged or improperly fitting appliance.

Retainer Repair or Replacement

Reasons you may need an orthodontist as an adult include anything that affects the function or wearability of any appliance still in use, such as a permanent or removable retainer. Permanent retainers commonly come dislodged during flossing and routine dental cleaning and it’s important to get it repaired right away if this happens to make sure that your teeth don’t shift. Removable retainers can also become damaged or lost, and unless your orthodontist has given you the all clear to not wear it anymore, it’s important to repair or replace it as soon as possible and resume wearing it for the recommended hours needed to maintain the finished effect of your orthodontic treatment.

Seeing an Orthodontist for the First Time

Maybe you never had the opportunity to see an orthodontist or get orthodontic treatment as a child or teen. The good news is that there is never a better time than now to make the changes you always dreamed of and orthodontics have advanced a lot over the past several years so your treatment options have likely only improved with time. One of our favorite reasons our patients come to see an orthodontist as an adult is when they’ve never seen one before and would like to find out all there is to know about the latest options to improve their smile.

Make an Appointment

If any of these reasons to see an orthodontist as an adult sound like you, it’s a great time to call an orthodontist for a consultation or exam. It may also be helpful to make a list of questions you might have to facilitate discussion around the changes you desire. The reasons you may need an orthodontist as an adult are as unique as each individual patient and it’s important to find an orthodontist who understands what you’re looking for and is as invested as you are in achieving the finished result you hope for.

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